A Smart (flat) Life: how i wish my devices will be Graphic Design


Working in a project for an e-commerce of hi-tec products such as smartphone, tablet, pc, tv, accessories and more, I needed to create some graphic objects that represented e-commerce categories.  In the meantime I had imagine to different solutions that bring me to many functions that I would like to find in my devices.

I tried to imagine with my mind and i thought about many functions that i would like to find inside my devices..

I would like to immagine how my devices could be upgraded in future, some of the design are inspired by real devices and can be download for free. (below)

List of Devices:

  1. Smartphone (inspired to the Galaxy S4)
  2. Recharger (inspired to the Apple Recharger)
  3. UltraBook
  4. Tablet (inspired to the Galaxy Note 10)
  5. Smart TV (inspired to the Samsung TV)
  6. Smart Watch (inspired to the Samsung Gear)
  7. Smart Mouse (inspired to the Apple magic mouse)
  8. Smart Hard Disk (inspired to the Western Digitila HD)
  9. Smart In Hear
  10. Smart Glass



Vector Icon Sets (2 color available version dark and light)


Mockup Ready (Smartphone Mokcup PSD, UltraBook Mockup PSD, Smart Watch Mockup PSD, Tablet Mockup PSD)


all files, vector, mockups and icons can be buy here: Graphic River :  Responsive Vector Flat Devices Pack

Or you can download all png file, simply share this article below


I’d like to know what you think of the possible upgrades imagined by me and which ones would imagine yourself?